Monday, February 8, 2010

I LOVE THE 90'S!!!

Do you still have those pair of scruffy, old DM boots stored somewhere in your "baul" together with your mangled Trapper Keeper and your lil black filo fax filled with women you will never call or called with heavy breathing on the background?

Congratulations! I think its save to say that we finally saw the last of Batman's nipples, the sperm-filled voice of Lance Bass; his band and their offsprings ( O-Town, 5ive, Backstreet Boys...I could go on-and-on..but that;s another story), the Ramos energy crisis/fiasco and The McDo Pork Teryaki meal (which I did like..).

But inspite of all the failed relationships that I had back then (EPIC FAIL would be an understatement...), drugs (I got wasted eating Marijuana leaves, seed and even the stem..I was fucking hallucinating after a few hours, everything I saw were in this weird green grid..yes, like in the matrix..actually maybe Tron), and 

Lets face it...if you are in your mid 20s to early 30s,
the 90s would probably be our Renaissance...

Here's my  TOP TEN LIST for now...
1. A&W's rootbeer float/coney dog meal - I remember having a rootbeer float, a coney dog and a smile in Robinsons, Galleria. While enjoying my meal, we'd bask in cigarette smoke mixed with teenage girls from Poveda, Miriam and Assumption while having conversations that start with "pareh", "shit", "putang ina" and
end with "pare" again. Fast forward 2009, had the same meal in Malaysia, creamed my pants in the i miss the 90s..

2. Palibhasa Lalaki - I fucking loved that show...the cast actually reminds me of my barkada back in high school and I would be Anjo Illana's character then. Who could ever forget their buddy-assisted flying kicks back then...Good times!!!

3. 90s Alternative Music/ OST/etc - Singles OST, Reality Bites OST, The Crow OST, the No Alternative   Album, If I Were A Carpenter Tribute Album...the list goes on and on and on...More on this soon.

4. The "Old" Robinsons Galleria - the "new" Galleria blows...big time!!

5. UPD's Greenhouse Roast Beef Sandwiches with chips - I went back to UP Diliman last year to visit my old college at AS, and lo and behold...the Greenhouse isn't really green anymore, and the food court's gone..and no Roast Beef Sandwich. Man, those were so good you have to buy t2 of em to make you happy. They used to have this mushroom gravy to make it moist and potato chips for that crunch. I had that sandwich for lunch for 4 1/2 years...dapat nagoverstay na lang ako...

6.ABG's/ Groove Nation Consortiums - what is wrong with the electronica/rave scene nowadays? Back then it was all about the music, and it came in all kinds of varieties..Jungle, House (real house not that Eurocrap), Tech-House and techno... Nowadays its all Crappy House and Trance ( tototoootootooo with glow sticks!!!) We didn't have any Tim Yap, Manolet Dario Superstar DJ, world class DJ Bigfish etc. We had Josh Wink, Goldie and Plastikman....Thank you Toti!!

7.Baggy Pants - nuff said!!

8. Adidas Sambas - goes will with anything..baggy pants, baggy cargo shorts, even your momma's duster ( FrancisM wore that in his Freeman Album)

9.Old McDo Greenhills - LSGH breakfast tambayan!!

10. 90s precable shows (aside from Palibhasa Lalaki)- Ang dami nito! Remember Parker Lewis Can't Lose, In Living Color, Doogie Houser MD, My Secret Identity, etc...

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