Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thinking Green with a Pen in Hand

A friend of mine wanted me to post his art @ Brownpaperbag last week. I asked him if I could tweak it a little bit as it needed some bits of shading and power lines. Well, he drew his sketch on a half piece of envelope so I posted that half on the wall. Now I was stuck with a blank piece which I used to make my own piece de resistance  other pics are from scraps of cardboard that I found around the bar. Tell me what you think...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nalolongkot? Nababagot? Walang Magowa...Mag-drowing at Isalba ang iyong Bansa!

10:31 PM Brown Paper Bag Bar, Libis
     The wife is currently playing Plants VS. Zombies for the Nth time on my laptop. She already has a gold zombie killer trophy and a 786 ft Tree of Wisdom and multitudes of plants in her Zen garden. She dreams of reaching 1,000 ft with her tree and every zombie will spew candies when they meet their inevitable end, AGAIN.
     Now, I'm a fan of simple games such as Tetris, DigDug and Arkanoid but I can never understand how you can still play a game even after finishing the game more than 9 times, as well as completing all of the side quests and mini-games. As of right now, we are only sharing 1 laptop and its her turn (she calls it Joyce Time) to use it. Go figure...
     Anyway, the art that you see above came from my son's return slip from school..its for his school program thingie (I opted to disregard the letter and stress the point that my son is not gonna be swallowed up by the MAN/Establishment/ Common Order ...He's gonna grow up to be a punk, godemmit..or at least a pitfighter).
Boredom sucks dood! I dunno about drawing but it relaxes inspires me to expand my horizons, and keeps me moist in the mornings...
     I love drawing bro...God, help me I hope to do this forever.
    My next project would involve, acrylic paint and canvas shoes...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LSS Hits 2010

Good evening Philippines! Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past 9 years..its election time ones again in the old PI. The TV/radio  has been cranking jingles from running officials ranging from the overly dramatic..

the obscure and yet strangely familiar..

and to the annoying...

Among all of them the last one, takes home the "Lito Camo, Nursery Rhymer Memorial Award for Simple, Melodic and Persistently Annoying Jingle, EVER"...I dunno about you but that jingle digs deep into your frontal lobe and  lays its sweet lyrics inside em. Good luck trying to remove em...I tried listening to some Slightly stoopid...FAILED!

to some American-Swedish Hiphop Electronica..FAILED!

even to Owl City (yes, I have a penchant for quirky melodies)...FAILED!

Feels good doesn't it? Congratulations! Now here's a towel and go clean up. You disgust me!!

Here's your morning after pill..check it out!


New Art Alert

Howdy! I'm posting some of the drawings I made yesterday.
I think my scanner is starting to hate me, the colors aren't right, the shading looks like shit, and its too small...
I'll change the settings next time..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photographic Sedation

Do you feel that today will suck?
Is your boss breathing down your neck so hard, "personal space" and "foreplay comes to mind"?
Feast your eyes on some photos I took with my Canon Rebel DSLR-ish
I know they're not Lomo but fuck it right?

More pics posted soon...

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Killers in Manila is cancelled!!

Psst..guess what I have good news and bad news.

Bad news first, check out my title....

...and the good news, guess what they did today?
Oh man, kahit libre tickets ko , courtesy of Mr. Alvin Cruz(malas ka talaga Alvin!), I wish that they did say this after cancelling their tour...

I wonder why?!?
That is why I came up with these hypotheses:

  1. Did the lead singer shoot himself in the head with a shotgun? (ala Pareng Kurt)
  2. Did one of the guitarists OD in their hotel room ( ala Jimi Hendrix, Bradley Nowell, that guy who did some session work with the Smashing Pumpkins)
  3. The lead singer had an ephipany and decided to write for other artists instead (ala that dude from New Radicals - he's currently doing songs for Enrique "The chicks dig the Mole" Iglesias)
  4. Sex with groupies finally took its toll on them...lucky bastards!
  5. An earthquake might hit Asia soon (Open air venue ang MOA tanga!)
  6. Group decision
    1. APO will have their pre-Valentines concert = less ticket sales
    2. Side A, MYMP etc will have their concert soon = less tickets
    3. Pinoys are sentimental basterds and would prefer to listen to 70s love song covers instead = less tickets
    4. Apanatuan might be a Killers fan and make MOA one big landfill = less ticket sales
    5. Jam 88.3 are giving away free tickets, all of them are on the cheap seats = less ticket sales
Whatever their decision is, I hope they air it soon. A lot of pissed off Asians are gonna get them...

Oh well, Killers tribute tonight @ BrownPaperBag, Libis
We'll be playing their hits like, Mr. Brightside, Bones, Shadowplay, Somebody told me and Jumbo Hotdog

Be there or be like them...cocksuckers!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Custom Kicks

Made the red one last year and the limited edition Vans Boowyfeet Custom kicks 2 weeks ago.

Too bad the paintjob did'nt last that long...nangitim sila...Oh well...

Part Deux

More posts please?!?
Part two up...

Some say I have too much time on my hands...I'd say "kay sa nagdudrugs!!"
Say no to DRUGS...go natural!
Procreate and exfoliate daily!!!