Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nalolongkot? Nababagot? Walang Magowa...Mag-drowing at Isalba ang iyong Bansa!

10:31 PM Brown Paper Bag Bar, Libis
     The wife is currently playing Plants VS. Zombies for the Nth time on my laptop. She already has a gold zombie killer trophy and a 786 ft Tree of Wisdom and multitudes of plants in her Zen garden. She dreams of reaching 1,000 ft with her tree and every zombie will spew candies when they meet their inevitable end, AGAIN.
     Now, I'm a fan of simple games such as Tetris, DigDug and Arkanoid but I can never understand how you can still play a game even after finishing the game more than 9 times, as well as completing all of the side quests and mini-games. As of right now, we are only sharing 1 laptop and its her turn (she calls it Joyce Time) to use it. Go figure...
     Anyway, the art that you see above came from my son's return slip from school..its for his school program thingie (I opted to disregard the letter and stress the point that my son is not gonna be swallowed up by the MAN/Establishment/ Common Order ...He's gonna grow up to be a punk, godemmit..or at least a pitfighter).
Boredom sucks dood! I dunno about drawing but it relaxes inspires me to expand my horizons, and keeps me moist in the mornings...
     I love drawing bro...God, help me I hope to do this forever.
    My next project would involve, acrylic paint and canvas shoes...


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